Pam Palmater holding a feature and standing in front of a tree.

Criminals on Patrol is a podcast hosted by Indigenous lawyer, professor, author, and human rights activist, Dr. Pam Palmater. Criminals on Patrol shines a light on the widespread criminality, corruption, and cover-ups in policing, by investigating one specific police force over the course of a season. 

Dr. Palmater is a member of Eel River Bar First Nation and an award-winning producer and host of several other podcasts, including the Warrior Life Podcast and Warrior Kids Podcast. Criminals on Patrol is a project by Warrior Life Studios Inc., – a production studio that is 100% Indigenous-owned – which is currently producing several other podcasts and television series.

Other podcasts

Warrior Life

Warrior Life Podcast logo.

Warrior Life is an Indigenous podcast that honours the warrior life, featuring the voices of Indigenous warriors, advocates, and leaders on the front lines of Indigenous resistance, resurgence, and revitalization, who are protecting our lands, peoples, and sovereignty.

Warrior Kids Podcast

Warrior Kids Podcast logo.

Warrior Kids Podcast is an award-winning Indigenous podcast for children and families, hosted by Dr. Pam Palmater. This podcast celebrates everything Indigenous, including traditional stories, cultural practices, and Indigenous languages. Warrior Kids Podcast is also a member of the Kids Listen family of children’s podcasters.