Pam Palmater holding a feature and standing in front of a tree.

Welcome to the Criminals on Patrol Podcast, your passport to the seedy underbelly of law enforcement across North America. Hosted by award-winning podcaster and well-known Indigenous and human rights lawyer, Dr. Pam Palmater, who has dedicated more than two decades to unraveling the legal, political, and social complexities of policing and the alarming prevalence of criminality, corruption, and cover-ups.

This riveting podcast turns true crime on its head by flipping the investigation back on criminal cops, shattering the facade of the “thin blue line”. Instead of the usual true crime shows that pursue murders, serial killers, and psychopaths, this podcast confronts the stark reality of crooked cops – from their heinous acts of brutality and sexualized violence to their involvement in drug dealing, human trafficking, and the systematic falsification of evidence.

Drawing from a wealth of legal, policy, and social research, as well as firsthand accounts from former police officers, the survivors of police abuse and other policing experts, Criminals on Patrol exposes the secrets in law enforcement we all wish were not true. This issue is not just about a few rogue cops; it’s about confronting the systemic failures and the shocking lack of accountability that pervades the entire institution, and the ways in which both police unions and governments allow this crisis to go unchecked.

True crime buffs, justice seekers, and those with a thirst for uncovering the truth will be captivated by our exploration of the dark side of law enforcement – one which stains the reputations of good cops and paints the whole institution with scandal and controversy. The #defundthepolice movement was born from the incredulous denials of wrongdoing even in the face of video evidence and the persistent lack of accountability by police agencies, unions, and governments for failing to end police racism, brutality, sexualized violence, and killings. 

Through gripping storytelling and incisive analysis, Pam challenges the narrative of “a few bad apples,” demanding justice and accountability for victims of police misconduct. From the halls of power to the streets where injustice thrives, Criminals on Patrol is your guide to understanding the dark side of law enforcement and advocating for a more just society.

Welcome to the forefront of truth-seeking and accountability where we lift the voices of impacted communities – welcome to Criminals on Patrol.